2016 in review: 

Our 2016 review:
All three Kids were baptized🙏🏻

Delaney turned 9😀

Madelynn turned 15😃

Madelynn started driving 😳

Reese graduated 5th grade🙂

Reese turned 12🙂

Delaney was in a double Spring Ballet recital❤

We celebrated Memorial Day at the lake house with mimi and pops🚤

Delaney finally moved her Barbie dolls so they no longer got peed on… ⛱

I figured out if I want a clean house I just have to take away the kids technology and not give it back until its clean “mom style”📱

We got a new pool in the backyard in a NOT so timely manner… 🏊🏻 we only had it for 4 weeks until it was too cold to swim😓(there’s always next year)

Kyle traded his truck for a Buick- and no he does NOT look like an old man in it… it’s quite sporty actually!🏎

Delaney was Roselyn Carter for a day!❤

Haverty’s Furniture featured my living room on their page🖥

I Hosted a bridal shower for my niece Whitney💍

We also went to her wedding and had a great time… I was the coordinator (hopefully, I did it right 😬)👰🏼

Reese won a basketball award at Nike Camp and subsequently declared himself eligible for the NBA draft #bostonceltics #1pick 🏀

I Voted for Dr. Ben Carson in the primaries🇺🇸

Madelynn got to visit and play volleyball at Berry College and decided that’s where she’d like to spend $45k a year for college🤣

Reese’s 12th bday “pool party”🏊🏻 consisted of a concrete hole in the ground with no water… so we balled 🏀 instead🏀🏀

I Watched Downton Abby instead of the Super Bowl!🙊🏈I found out if my dryer ever goes out there is a sweet neighbor who will not only dry my clothes but she’ll fold them too!!! Kelli Allen ❤

Reese got contacts (he never wears them) 🙄🤓

Reese and Delaney both got braces! $$$$$$$$$

We went to a gender reveal for my niece Ashley… it was a BOY! 🤰🏼

Xander my great nephew was born and he’s stolen our hearts! 👼🏼

We went to Siesta Key which is pretty much the prettiest ocean water I’ve ever seen… we got family portraits made on the beach which was a dream come true for me!🏖

We celebrated my brother and sister-in-laws 30th anni which happened to be at the same location Kyle and I met 20 years earlier❤

Reese started middle school🙊

Delaney 3rd grade🙊

Madelynn 10th grade🙊

Oh yeah I mastered “The Dab”… I mean you should see me dab! 😂

The Holy Spirit did some amazing things in my life which led me to retire my two women’s fiction novels permanently… It was a lay it down kind of moment and I’m very grateful 🙏🏻

I received two offers for two of my children’s books to be published over the next year to year and a half and I’m pretty excited to pursue this amazing opportunity with my feet running!📖

I got a lot of massages thanks to Candace💆🏼

Some awesome friends threw me a 21st bday party🍰

Madelynn was inducted into The National Beta Club🥇

Reese is my height🙊

Delaney was a star yet again in The Nutcracker. She was a Pochinelle (a clown- yes I know, not the year for clowns😂)🤡🤡

Madelynn was thinking she didn’t have a date for hoco and was shocked to see JQ when he arrived- LATE but still he arrived!😇

We got to see Xander be dedicated!😇

I voted for Trump and he WON!🤗 My sister threw an “Election Party” at my house Tonya Longo Shirley Patterson🇺🇸

Delaney made a 98 on a multiplication quiz (first time ever)❤

At the age of 37 Kyle can now dunk a basketball again!🏀

Everyone decided to trick-or-treat last minute all of them dressed up in 12 minutes we had Delaney as Clara from The Nutcracker Madelynn was a soccer girl and Reese was an old man- all for free!🎃

Delaney loved having grandparents day at her new school with Mimi And Pops👵🏻👴🏻

Reese was in a Christmas program and that’s all I’m allowed to say about that!🎅🏻

We went to see Santa and ride the pink pig- our annual tradition with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kate and the kids.🎅🏻🐷🐽

Reese put up 18 points at his very first middle school basketball game with Prince🏀

I hosted 12 neighbors for an ornament exchange it was a blast🎅🏻

Madelynn hosted a white elephant party with friends🎅🏻

Kyle and I celebrated 14 years of marriage by shopping with a cute nine-year-old because no one else wanted to tagalong❤We also hosted my family for “Patterson Christmas” Tina Patterson West Made a TON of food❤ it was just a small little party with about 35 to 40 people😂 but such a fun time being with them!🎅🏻

We had a very happy Christmas and spent a lot of family time together hunkered down in our house with no place to go… 🏡just how mama likes it!❤

This year was full but I loved every minute of it❤ I’m looking forward to another great year and a blessed 2017 for all! Happy New Year! 💃👗🎩


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