The Process… Launch Party 🎈

Today is my book launch party!!! I. Am. Very. Busy. 😊

LOVE to all! Sorry for the short post- I’ll catch you next week!




The Process… Book Birthday! #amygelsthorpeauthor

The Process… Book Birthday!
This week Star Fishing was released and WOW! what fun it has been! Nothing could have prepared me for the pure joy, excitement, fun, and extreme exhaustion that i have experienced this week– but oh so much fun!!  Launching a book is definitely worth all of the emotions and chaos that has come along in this crazy process!  

For the Last year, I have been preparing for this book release and working very hard! Last weekend I worked with my marketing team to ensure a successful launch, and I believe we are off to a great start! I believe Star Fishing will be a huge hit with everyone who reads the book… 
Please help me spread the word! 

I’m working with one of Atlanta’s top publicists Mimi Schroeder with Max Communications and she is doing an awesome job making connections and submitting for book awards! Also, I’ve done a few collaborations with some of my “Insta-friends” who are super lovely! Last night I posted some video clips of @bigheartlittlevoice, and she is AMAZING! You should totally check out her page. 

My team is amazing!!! Emily is doing a fabulous job with GoodReads! Right now we’re running a giveaway, so go check it out! I’ve already mailed out two giveaways this week! What fun😊 Brittany is super awesome at pretty much all things marketing- in my opinion, she’s a marketing genius! She came over last Saturday and worked all sorts of magic🎩 making a video of me and taking some cool photos- She makes me look pretty cool! 😂 Check her out @sociallybritt! 

Anyways, things are about to get super crazy! Next Friday is launch night at The Story Shop in Monroe, GA at 6:00 pm. If you’re local, come see me! The first 50 kids get a cool grab bag filled with fun stuff– so come on out! 
November 25th, I’ll be in Hiram, GA at Hiram Bookstore from 11:30-1:30 and I can’t wait! Next up after Hiram, I’ll be at Posman Books at Ponce City Market– Atlanta December 2nd from 3-5! I’d Love some visitors!!! Check out these events on my Facebook page for details! 
Thank you–
Thank you all so much for your support this week and over the last few years of my writing process… The support I have received is beyond what I could have imagined, and I’m so thankful to you all! God has blessed me with some amazing people to do life with! #blessings 
ZOOM! On over and get your copy of Star Fishing today:
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Gelsthorpe Christmas Wonderland coming soon🎄 

In case you’re wondering… 

Will Amy pull off her crazy obsession of Christmas decorating this year?!?! 

Honestly, I’ve been wondering the same thing myself… the craziness of having a book release AND decorating for Christmas seemed a bit overwhelming. But—

Well— the answer is YES!!! Obviously!!! ♥️ AND actually I have already started decorating. Confession- I started on October 30th. Lol! I’m so blessed too because I was contacted by a dear friend who asked to take professional pictures of Gelsthorpe Christmas wonderland! I will post a reveal November 27th so stay tuned!!!! 🎄

BTW: If you’re in the market for a great children’s picture book I happen to know of one ☺️⭐️ 

ZOOM! On over and buy a copy today!



Release Day! STAR FISHING is OUT⭐️💫

Where can you get the book?!?!
Everywhere! Literally, anywhere books are sold!
If it’s not shelved they can get more in. 
Most Barnes & Nobles only stock a few copies! Probably with my family and friends being mostly local over the next couple of weeks it may be a task to find here in the Atlanta area. We’re working on being shelved everywhere! If you go to a bookstore and they do not have it PLEASE request it! This is the BIGGEST favor you could do for me!!! Like its better than handing me a million dollars (which I’d consider too😂). 
You can also get a copy on amazon or my website!



The Process… Release day COMING SOON! Launch party to follow⭐️

The Process 
This week has been AWESOME! Things are getting close, and I’ve started an official “count down” to book release day! Book Release day is November 7th, which is this coming Tuesday! I’m. So. Excited! 
Special thank you to all of the people who have scheduled me! 
My calendar of author events/visits is FULL! How cool is that?!?! I feel so special and honored and I literally can’t wait to get started! I have 10 events in December!!! 
Last week I spoke about rest. Sometimes the process needs rest and this week was a bit of the same. Well… unless you count decorating my house for Christmas as not resting! Lol… 
It’s true! I’m decking the halls and every nook and cranny of my house for the Christmas season! (There will be a special blog post coming in December of all things “Gelsthorpe Christmas” I can’t wait to share) 🎄 
Basically at this point, in the process there’s a lot of waiting going on… waiting on the big release day and most importantly, waiting on YOU to get my book, read it, and hopefully fall in love with Star Fishing! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few weeks! Please, please, please post pictures of yourself with my book and tag me on all social media! I want to see all of your faces holding Star Fishing! 
Local peeps: Please join me for my launch party for Star Fishing November 17th at 6 pm at The Story Shop Monroe, GA! I hope to see you there:) 

(Photo belongs to The Story Shop) 



The Process… Needs Rest 

The Process… Needs Rest
This week my Process was a little different. I decided to do something totally CRAZY… Wondering what I did that was so crazy?!?! Me too! 
I don’t recall what it was… perhaps that’s because this week I made a point to purposefully not do much of anything book related!  I decided with every process- one must REST! So. I. Did!
Now, let’s clarify “rest” for an author two weeks before a new book release date:
I worked! Trust me. BUT! I also rested. I need to be rejuvenated and ready for this book tour. This week I didn’t make any calls for author visits 1. Because I needed a break and 2. Because they were calling me! I only had one meeting this week, and that was with my awesome publicist Mimi, Max Communications- she had all great things to say!  She’s working on all sorts of wonderful things! Although I was resting, I still answered a gazillion emails and interviews (YES! people have interviewed me!!! All coming soon – and it was FUN!♥️) 

☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻 My rested face resting… 

But even with things on my calendar, I took time to breathe and rest… and for the first time in 2 months, I found a little stillness. I can’t lose sight of what this story means to me! And I won’t because I’m rested and ready to go! 
It’s crazy, and at times overwhelming- but awesome! I’m so booked it’s crazy! Crazy, but also exciting 🙂 AND this week for the first time in at least 3 weeks, I don’t need a rock to hide under- I’m good! I’m at peace with this process- I understand it could be because I’m well rested, but I’m hopeful the peacefulness continues to last! 🤞🏻 
I’d like to thank all of my family and friends who have been so encouraging to me! I’ve received text messages, phone calls, and face-to-face words of life spoken by so many, and it makes this all so rewarding:) I have so many of you asking me what I need for my launch party, and I’m blown away by the kindness I’ve received ⭐️I am so blessed to have such a great tribe!
So, if you’re a writer/author reading this and planning to begin, or are already in the process, remember this part☝🏻 of the Process: “Rest” because without rest your book could suffer! You must be rejuvenated to succeed! That’s all for this week! 
If you haven’t already-

ZOOM! On over and Preorder Star Fishing today!


The Process! 

The Process!
I’m working ALL. THE. TIME!!! At this point I’ve given up on the rock to hide behind, and now I’m looking for a mountain to hide under… Good thing Stone Mountain isn’t far away in case things get too crazy and I get desperate! With that being said, I guess I haven’t entirely given up on the idea of hiding behind a rock- I’ve just had to scale the size of the rock, and now it’s for different reasons!!! Because THINGS are CRAZY! It’s getting close and it’s getting real… it’s getting really close! 

On a more positive, optimistic note:
I received and approved my physical proof copy of my book this week!!!

I welcomed a new intern to my team as a marketing/PR specialist! In one day she reached out to 50 bookstores nationwide, and already booked an author event!!! Oh, and by the way she’s my daughter Madelynn- 16 years old! She’s a hard working girl! I’m very happy to have her on our team:) 

Guess what else???
I got short listed (which means they agree to shelf a few copies) in 15 Barnes & Noble stores and counting!!!!! Now I don’t plan to stop cold calling all of the Barnes & Nobles, with the help of my intern chicks, until I’m shelved nationwide! Yesterday I was on back-to-back calls with bookstores all over the USA. I’ve been in contact with Target stores, and I am going through their shelving process! Can’t wait to hear back from them! You can also order Star Fishing on Amazon… In addition to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Target, I have been able to secure shelf space in many other stores all over the country, and I plan to continue adding to the list! 

Basically I want this book to be a household book! I want all of the children all around the world to enjoy Star Fishing adventures with their families- I’m spending all of my time making this happen! There is nothing more important for the success of a young child than to feed their imaginations, and books such as Star Fishing will accomplish that goal! 

Want to help me?!?! Here’s how:
Tell your friends about me as an author, share the title Star Fishing with everyone, and request my book in any bookstore/library you’re connected with or visit! I can’t do this without your help, and I’m so thankful for all of the support I’ve received this far!

If you haven’t already, ZOOM! on over and order your copy/copies of Star Fishing today ⭐️