Bio: I hate writing about myself... I really do, but I also know how fun it can be to read about other peoples' lives. So, I tried to come up with a creative way to talk about ME... I asked a few of my closest friends for some words they would use to describe me and here's what I got: "Honest, Christian, kind, sincere, trustworthy, dedicated, selfless, creative, driven, determined, giving, caring, good listener, loyal, great mom, great wife, and a great friend"... I am happily married to Kyle. He's pretty amazing, and makes me laugh constantly. He has my whole heart and I can't imagine doing any part of my life without him! I am also a mom to three incredible children: Madelynn, Reese, and Delaney. I feel so unworthy of the gifts God has so richly blessed me with in regards to my family, they are literally my everything... I've often heard that "being a mom is like having your heart walk around outside your body", and for me that means I have three hearts walking around outside my body...that is very scary at times. No matter what each day brings, I know I will always love them, and they will always love me. I love Jesus! He is my Savior. I live in a small community in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA and attend a Baptist church where all three of my children were baptized. I love my Sunday School Class and my Church Staff. Christmas is my favorite holiday! I get a "tiny" bit carried away decorating and then I blow up my blog with pictures of it all!!! - (If you google me, you may or may not come across an article titled "Christmas Tree Lady" featuring your's truly!) As you can see in my profile, I have a couple of cute dogs too! Copper (the adorable little Pomeranian) and Darla Daisy (the misunderstood Red Lab)... Copper is the first dog I've ever owned. When I was a little girl I was scared of dogs and never thought I'd have one of my own... But then, I had children and well, you know how that goes- everyone wanted a dog, and thus we rescued Copper! I fell in love with him immediately and then a few years later we rescued Darla Daisy. Eight years into being a dog mom, I can no longer imagine life without a dog! FEAR CONQUERED! More later on the misunderstood Red Lab... DARLA DAISY! I love writing! I wrote my first book in 5th grade... It's a book of children's poems and I still have it to this day! I am super excited for the two children's book contracts I currently have, and I can't wait for their releases in 2017-2018!!! Stay tuned for details!! Hopefully that is enough about me...If you would like to know more, I am an open book (lol, no pun intended), just ask some questions in the comments. I love interacting with my readers!

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11 thoughts on “About

  1. I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know! Lol I mean I am your sister! One thing no one listed as a description of you that I will add you are an awesome sister. I love you and I am very proud of you!😍😍

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  2. Spunky is what comes to mind when I think of you! And I didnt realize you were as Cra-Cra about Christmas as I am!! We should tour each others homes in November (cuz I bet you are done decorating before Thanksgiving too!)


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