Christmas Traditions!!! 

Are you like my family with Christmas traditions?!?! Do you have so many it’s sometimes hard to remember them all, and keep up with them?

Moving the “elf” (everyone’s missed this one a time or twenty)

Picking the PERFECT tree🎄🎄🎄 (from Lowes 😂)

Making the gingerbread house/houses (village in my case)

Putting an ornament on the advent tree

Going to see Santa 

Riding the Pink Pig (Macy’s ATL)🐷

Putting a tree in EVERY room… 🙊

Eating the candy from the advent house (my kids NEVER forget this one)

Sending the pajamas from the North Pole (everyone does this right? 😬)

Making the same favorite dishes year-after-year because you just CAN’T break TRADITION!


I could go on and on all day about all of the Christmas traditions we crazy humans carry, but eventually my tiny fingers would get tired of typing😂

It’s true though… 

I’m not exactly sure what’s happened to me this year- It’s like a lightbulb has come on- I’ve been paying a lot of attention not only to my families traditions, but also to friends. Let me tell you, these traditions we collect can get quite time consuming and lead to exhaustion-burnout quick! 

Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is sometimes we get so carried away that again we miss what Christmas is about… I hate sounding cliche, but here’s the truth:

Christmas is Christmas even if you forget a tradition. Christmas will still come and go even if you forget to put three days worth of ornaments on the advent tree. Christmas will still be Christmas without a visit to Santa. It will still be Christmas even IF… WAIT FOR IT I didn’t put a tree in every room😬😬 

Christmas is Christmas with or without traditions! 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m preaching to the choir here… sometimes I will break my neck to keep a tradition alive (guilty of it this season, and every season I’ve ever lived) but sometimes we might need to be okay breaking tradition. 

After all, Christmas is still Christmas because the only tradition that matters, and the only tradition that can never go away, is the celebration of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

This year as we carry out our traditions let us keep our focus on the most important one and not get carried away because Christmas will still be Christmas and that’s a tradition! 

Sit back and relax❤️ Time to enjoy Christmas! 

There’s something really awesome and relaxing about a bubble bath! 

This time of year can get so crazy that you sometimes don’t have time to sit back and relax! Everyone knows I love Christmas- but even I get overwhelmed during the hussle and bussle. 

This year I have intentionally set goals to declutter my calendar, accomplish things early, and take time to unwind. After all, being so caught up in the season so often deflects from the true meaning of Christmas… celebrating my Savior Jesus Christ.

I’m finding that intentionally allowing time on my calendar to do as much as I can on my Christmas list early will allow me to have more relaxing time when it matters- the time that my typical Christmas schedule usually depletes me of! 

I went to a Bible study a few weeks back with my friend and the whole series is about organizing your calendar for the Christmas season. 

I had already planned to do things differently this year, and the sweet lady in charge had printed out her “Christmas to Do list”… it was super LONG! She challened us to look at the list and intentionally organize our calendars. As I began to look it over I realized I have to be intentional with my time… really I need to apply this to everyday life- not just the Christmas season. 

So, here I am in the picture above finding time to relax… even in the middle of Lowe’s in a bathtub that doesn’t even belong to me! It’s the little things. I was out with my family yesterday and the bathtub looked so inviting- I climbed in and chilled (but mostly laughed with my girls at how silly it was).  In that moment I realized something… The less I have to do, the more fun I can be. 

Do it for you… do it for your family… be intentional so you can be RELAXED this Christmas, and maybe even throughout the year! 
Leave a comment below on how you keep calm and relaxed through craiziness! 

Last but not least, my FAVORITE… let there be a LIVE TREE too! 

I know he has a cute butt… but now let’s try and focus for a bit! 😂

If you’re new around here… I LOVE CHRISTMAS- And I really LOVE Christmas trees! From the front porch, back porch, to the bathroom, no room is left untouched in my house. I wouldn’t have it any other way🎄🎄🎄🎄 trees everywhere! I love them ALL❤️ BUT this one in my “keeping room” (whatever that means… floor plan logo)  is ALWAYS my favorite. ALWAYS!

It’s my favorite for three reasons: First,  it’s the one we go out as a family and “pick” together. 

Alright – right now you’re probably picturing my adorable little family at the perfect tree farm in the mountains somewhere… right?!?! Haha! We ALWAYS get the tree from #lowes 😂 and it’s ALWAYS perfect! (Don’t judge)… 

The second reason is because it will be beautifully adorned with all of the ornaments we’ve collected as a family over the past 15 years- very sentimental and precious❤️

Last but not least,  it’s my favorite because it smells like Christmas and gives me the warm and fuzzies! 

Thanks Madelynn (15 yr old) for letting us “borrow” your car with a roof rack to get it home ❤️🎄 

I’d love to hear from you below on some of your favorite Christmas traditions! 

More pics coming to the blog soon🎄🎄🎄🎄

He’s Back! 

Yankee” the Elf on the Shelf is back! I know these elf posts can sometimes get on some nerves… and thank goodness our elf isn’t mischievous or wild- But I absolutely LOVE the elf! Yankee is one of my most favorite traditions. This is his 8th year with us (he’s family now). 

My children are older (a couple missing the holiday magical beliefs) and only my youngest still acts to believe- but I can guarantee that if “Yankee” didn’t show up we’d all be missing some Christmas time cheer (including the older two) ❤️🎅🏻I’m so happy our elf came back! 

One time I decorated for Christmas AFTER Thanksgiving… 

Check out this flashback to a few years ago! It’s proof! I did it one year… I really did!

I decorated for Thanksgiving before Christmas! BUT if you look closely you’ll still see my naked tree in the backdrop 😂 
I had this bright idea a few years ago and I’ll never forget it… Thanksgiving decor ONLY on the main level- Christmas everywhere else. Guess what? It made me utterly and completely MAD!!!! Not angry just crazy mad!

Honestly, I have much respect for those of you who are such troopers and WAIT until after Thanksgiving to decorate- but for me it’s just too much stress! 

By this time next week my house will be a complete Christmas wonderland and I can’t wait to share❤️

Stay tuned for pics coming to the blog!