Gelsthorpe Christmas Wonderland coming soon🎄 

In case you’re wondering… 

Will Amy pull off her crazy obsession of Christmas decorating this year?!?! 

Honestly, I’ve been wondering the same thing myself… the craziness of having a book release AND decorating for Christmas seemed a bit overwhelming. But—

Well— the answer is YES!!! Obviously!!! ♥️ AND actually I have already started decorating. Confession- I started on October 30th. Lol! I’m so blessed too because I was contacted by a dear friend who asked to take professional pictures of Gelsthorpe Christmas wonderland! I will post a reveal November 27th so stay tuned!!!! 🎄

BTW: If you’re in the market for a great children’s picture book I happen to know of one ☺️⭐️ 

ZOOM! On over and buy a copy today!




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