The Process… Release day COMING SOON! Launch party to follow⭐️

The Process 
This week has been AWESOME! Things are getting close, and I’ve started an official “count down” to book release day! Book Release day is November 7th, which is this coming Tuesday! I’m. So. Excited! 
Special thank you to all of the people who have scheduled me! 
My calendar of author events/visits is FULL! How cool is that?!?! I feel so special and honored and I literally can’t wait to get started! I have 10 events in December!!! 
Last week I spoke about rest. Sometimes the process needs rest and this week was a bit of the same. Well… unless you count decorating my house for Christmas as not resting! Lol… 
It’s true! I’m decking the halls and every nook and cranny of my house for the Christmas season! (There will be a special blog post coming in December of all things “Gelsthorpe Christmas” I can’t wait to share) 🎄 
Basically at this point, in the process there’s a lot of waiting going on… waiting on the big release day and most importantly, waiting on YOU to get my book, read it, and hopefully fall in love with Star Fishing! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few weeks! Please, please, please post pictures of yourself with my book and tag me on all social media! I want to see all of your faces holding Star Fishing! 
Local peeps: Please join me for my launch party for Star Fishing November 17th at 6 pm at The Story Shop Monroe, GA! I hope to see you there:) 

(Photo belongs to The Story Shop) 




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