The Process 

The Process:

Guess what’s in the mail?!?!
Yay! The proof copy! As soon as I get the tracking number from my publisher, I’m going to be glued to the computer tracking the shipment 📦 For real! No joke.
 I’m. So. Excited!
I seriously CAN’T wait to have Star Fishing in my hands and on your bookshelves!

This week has been mostly calm, well with the book process anyway… not so much my life!!! Haha! 
I’m still trying to maintain my nerves and excitement as this has definitely been a great week to catch my breath so to speak… I had a great call with a sweet children’s book author friend who assured me that it’s totally normal to be on the lookout for a gigantic rock to hide under at this point in my process (AKA reference last weeks post)! Whew! She made me feel so much better😉 
I pretty much have solidified my November, December, and January calendar for weekday school author visits, and my publicist is working on my weekend scheduling with bookstores! 😊 Super exciting! It’s super cool that I have so many bookstores/schools who want ME! I must admit that makes me feel pretty special… which helps my anxiousness! 
It makes me so excited to think about all of the people I’ll meet and share my book with:) I can’t wait!!! 
Publication day: November 7th people! It’s right around the corner! 
ZOOM! On over and get your copy of Star Fishing today! ⭐️


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