The Process

The Process 
I know I’ve written at least 3-5 blogs about my struggle with patience, so I’ll try and keep this one really short and sweet! 
Recently out of curiosity, I checked dates on my initial submissions to my lit. agent for Star Fishing and I Love Outside. 
Here’s what I found:
Star Fishing was first submitted to her  8/7/2016 and I Love Outside was first submitted to her 6/11/2015! 
So- for simple math, the publishing process can, and DOES take a really long time! I know I’ve said Publishing takes a really long time before, and I probably sound like a broken record… so, I’m really sorry 😬.  Please, please don’t let that discourage you!!! 
With that being said, please know one definitely will learn patience in this industry. Kicking and screaming all the way!!! One must be patient…
I really struggle with patience! How ironic.
I Love Outside from first submission to print will be a 2 and 3/4 years process!!! (My niece, Alice, who I wrote the book about will be driving by the time it’s done- I feel like that’s a true statement, but not really! She’s only 5!!!) 😂
Somehow Star Fishing, which only took a little over a year from submission to publication, is an extremely RARE case!!! Like really rare! But still!!!! Waits like that are super hard… Even a year! Especially with a non-patient person like me! 

I find it so ironic God has me in a career where my biggest struggle “patience” is used the most! Isn’t that awesome?!?! He will teach me patience one way or another! AND I’m here to tell you Publishing was a great choice for Him to choose to teach me patience (As if God needs my approval on His path to teach me)!!! 

I’ve spent four years working towards a traditional publisher and alas it’s all coming together. ♥️ The Process.
Sometimes I wish I could look back and say I was patient and easy going the whole way, but obviously I certainly cannot! My agent AND publisher can both attest to that… 
BUT what I can say is that no matter how impatient I was through this process, I think I actually learned something very beneficial- here it is: No matter what your patience level is, whether you have patience or none at all like me… In the end the outcome will be the same! Not having patience doesn’t speed or slow the process.
So… practicing patience is definitely worth it in the long run- less worry and more trust in God! He’s got it all under control! ♥️
This week:
This week, I have been collaborating on an exciting advertising piece!!! COMING SOON:) Spending time content planning with Sweet Brittany (marketing manager) and a lot of proofing and finalization parts with my publisher! With every passing week I become even more anxious and excited to get this book out there! Also, soon I’ll have a printed proof!!! How exciting is that?!?! 
So basically, my process this week is dream living! I’m definitely living the dream! ⭐️
Preorder your copy of Star Fishing today!



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