The Process 

The Process:
The last few weeks I’ve talked about the process of having a book published! Feel free to go back and catch up on the previous posts if you’ve missed them… My hope is that I’m offering a million-gazillion people helpful insight (or at least a couple people)! I get emails and messages quite often from readers, friends, and various people with questions regarding the writing process- which brought me to do this weekly series of blog posts leading up to my publishing date for Star Fishing of November 7th!  In addition to the publishing process blogs, once the books are out, I plan to do follow up blogs along the way, including the being published Process!
Basically, here’s what I’m learning: there are a lot of moving parts to the publishing process and I believe even more moving parts with the books-to-shelf, books-in-hands, buy-my-books, book events and other sales related parts. Does this process ever end?!?! Hopefully NOT! If it did, what would I be doing! So I don’t focus on the ending, I focus on the goal. My goal is to inspire young readers to enjoy reading and exercise their imaginations! My goal is to produce a lot of books/content and insight in the picture book arena. My goal is to be a children’s book author household name! I believe this can happen… it’s all a process, but it can happen! 
I’m finding that it doesn’t matter what part of the process I’ve been through so far… It’s all fun, interesting, and exactly where I want to be! I love it!
Especially this week!
I don’t exactly know why, but the email I had in my inbox this week from my publisher seemed so official… so surreal… so unbelievable- like someone pinch me- I definitely had an “is this really happening?” Moment! “Go to print” eeek!!! See the email below:

What did I do this week:

This week, I completed the “Proof 2” for Star Fishing!!! Next, I will receive a PHYSICAL COPY OF MY BOOK!!!! PHYSICAL COPY people!!!!
In addition to perfecting the book, I had a weekly overview/update with my Marketing manager and Publicist (staring in October I will have a “standing call” with my publicist weekly… seriously does that not sound super official and important?!?! I think so! Who said I’m not important?!?!) 😜
Although my school visit calendar is crammed full, I’m still receiving phone calls/emails and requests for author visits (I literally cannot add another event in December- which is FANTASTIC!).  I’m loving it! 
So far this process at times has kicked my butt, made me the happiest person in the world, scared me, drained me, filled me up, and taught me more patience/perseverance than anything I’ve ever experienced! It has all been worth the mixture of emotions, and I wouldn’t trade this process for anything! I’m so grateful♥️

Zoom! on over and preorder Star Fishing today!



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