The Process

The Process:

This week has been unusually crazy! Hurricane Irma made her presence known here in GA which caused school closings. I don’t know about you, but when my kids are home from school due to natural disasters (or whenever they’re home from school in general) they get WILD!!! With that being said I worked anyways… I mean I have a book being published in less than two months and there are things to do!

Follow up from last week and The Process:
I’m still freaking out! My calendar is FULL which is a Great thing!!! I’m super stoked and ready to have this book in MY hands and YOURS!!! It’s getting REAL!
I’m inviting EVERYONE and their brother, cousin, mama, and my sister-in-laws moms ex mother-in-laws third cousins cat (kidding) to my BIG Launch party November 17th! I’m exaggerating a bit… I’m not even sure if my sister-in-laws mom has an ex mother-in-law with a third cousin who has a cat that would want to come! But you never know l?!?!… Ha! Kidding… 

Hopefully, you get the point still! Obviously, what I’m trying to say is I want everyone at The Story Shop in Monroe, GA at 6:00 pm to celebrate with me and I’m working hard to get you there! 

The Process this week:
So far this week, I’ve sent a gazillion emails regarding Star Fishing and I’m doing everything I can to make this book a success!

I’ve contacted a couple of children’s authors that I have deemed my mentors… They know who they are and I am so grateful for all of their advice! I promise to return the favor a million times over with any author related questions I get! I love giving advice and telling my story especially if it can help someone out along in their writing process. Like I’ve mentioned before this industry is tough but nothing is impossible! 

Let’s talk about my biggest fear as a children’s author with a gazillion events in the next 4-8 months:
Here ya go…
What if no one shows up to an event?!?! 

😳 What?!?! That’s my biggest fear. But honestly, someone will come right?!?! I’m sure I’m not alone with this fear and I’m sure I’ll recover if it were to ever happen… I mean seriously, after all of the rejection letters I’ve received for my books the last few years I can manage! It would be sad but I could manage. BUT… PLEASE show up! 😂

Anyways moving onto positive thinking…
I still am super stoked to have a publicist working for me! Mimi will be building my public platform as an author… She’s going to make me famous or something! Kind of crazy! Isn’t it?!?! I can’t wait to see what this means! 

Basically, this week was all about follow up. Sending emails, making phone calls, and networking all require follow ups in order to get results! I want results:) 

Zoom! on over and preorder your copy of Star Fishing today!


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