The Process! 

The Process…At first glance one might think “Wow! She looks so calm, cool, and collected” -That is what you’re thinking… RIGHT? Haha! That’s funny. 
Let me just say… at this point in my publishing process, I’m beginning to semi-freak out!!! Like literally butterflies in my tummy, freak out! I know November 7th may seem far off to you, but to me it’s like next week! Next week people! 

I have done SO much since the last update in preparation for my first book, Star Fishing! If you think writing a book is hard (it is), try selling it to the world too… especially when you don’t even have a physical copy yet! 

Thank goodness the words seem to be selling themselves as I send out PDF after PDF:) Yay!!! I figure since people love the words they will be smitten over the illustrations by Janet King- she’s brilliant! 

Even though I’m about to freak OUT, I’m also still having fun (for real)! Between all of the school bookings (which are AWESOME!!!), emails, and collaborating on last minute details time is moving REAL real quick! Super fun… super crazy though. Crazy! 
My Launch team grew…
Another intern joined my team, Emily! I’m so blessed to have both Brittany and Emily working along with me through this process. Brittany is already doing such great things with my social media accounts as Marketing Manager- I couldn’t do it without her!  
Emily has taken the role of Communications Liaison. Emily is bridging relationships with bookstores for shelf space and increasing my Goodreads productivity. She’s going to rock it! 
Max Communications (Mimi Schroeder)- Book publicist. Max Communications is an Atlanta based book publicist firm. Mimi will be building my public platform as an author… Kind of crazy! Isn’t it?!?! I can’t wait to see what this means! 
With my launch team in place, my agent Sandy Fuller from Alp Arts, and my publisher Tannya Derby of MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing, I am thrilled to have the best team and support system any new author could ever have! 
My December calendar is BOOKED solid with school visits, and that’s so COOL! January is filling up fast too. This is all super surreal and really happening, and I couldn’t be more excited if I tried. Tune in next week to see what I’m up to. To all of you wanting to write a book, keep the questions coming! I am here to help… Trust me, this is a learn-as-you-go process, and I will offer any suggestions I can to help you! Here’s my first suggestion: Go write the book! You can do it!

Preorder your copy of Star Fishing today!



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