The Process Continues…

Just to catch you up, last week I started a weekly blog series called “The Process”. The most asked question I get as an author is “How do I become an author?” Usually followed by, “I’ve always wanted to write a children’s book, what’s the Process?” I decided I’d blog about the process since so many have asked, and I’m currently right in the middle of everything! 

In less than one week my December calendar for author visits is BOOKED!!!! 

The Process continues…

Booked! AND January is filling up too… Here’s how I’m booking up so quickly:

First, I made a list of schools, pre-schools, and boutiques I wanted to visit. Second, I called them… Afraid of rejection? Me too! But guess what? Out of about 20 of the phone calls I made I only had ONE person say “no”- there ya go! I totally DEBUNKED your fear… and mine!  Next, I followed up each phone call with an email introducing myself, Star Fishing, and what my author visit will look like. Guess what? This process IS WORKING!!! Yay! I think I’ll keep it up:) 

I am so excited about all of the school visits I will be doing:) Dream. Come. True. I’m so happy that I will be sharing Star Fishing with thousands (literally… maybe millions-who knows?!?!) of imaginative little minds from all over! My hope for each author visit is that with each turn-of-the-page the Star Fishing adventure with Billy will spark, captivate, and resonate with each child and bring Star Fishing to life! 

I’ve read Star Fishing probably 2,000,000,000 times (or more) and I’m STILL not sick of it… Heck, I wrote it, and it’s STILL fun to read:) I absolutely, positively, CANNOT wait for you to all read it! I want to share Star Fishing with the whole WORLD! How do I humbly say my book is BRILLIANT?!?! Lol! But seriously? 😳

So what’s Star Fishing about you ask?!?! 

Star Fishing is about a little boy named Billy (Billy was my dads name!) who sets off to capture a star of his own. While Billy and mommy are sitting on a blanket under the stars they see a shooting star and together imagine ALL of the exciting places the star might land! 

Y’all, the shooting stars travel to places like: A kangaroo’s pouch, Mount Everest, and even the moon! So. Much. Fun! 


What are you waiting for? Zoom! On over to: and preorder your copies too! 

Let’s go Star Fishing together! Can’t wait to “Catch” you up next week on what I’m up to in this adventurous process! Stay tuned ⭐️ 


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