Dyslexic Font Cover 

My publisher ROCKS! Like- she literally is so incredibly AWESOME!!! Check out this cover for the “Dyslexic Font” option for Star Fishing! I am so excited, I can’t contain it anymore!!! So sorry for all of the exclamations, but this makes me so happy 🙂

My heart is literally smiling over this cover! Having a daughter who has dyslexia makes this so special to my heart… It reaches me on a deep level and I’m so proud to work with a publisher like MacLaren Cochrane Publishing! 

When I signed with MCL I had no idea my daughter was dyslexic-  Looking back over the last two years (trying my darnest to get these books published) and through this journey in the publication process… all I can do is smile at God! Wow! I’m in total and complete amazement of it all:) 

Man- I LOVE this cover! How about you? 


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