The Process…

The process…
Write a book.

Edit the book.

Edit the book.

Edit the book.

Edit the book.

Find an agent. 
Sounds easy right?!?! Guess what… It’s NOT! Landing an agent is as easy as putting a cruise ship 🚢 in your pocket. It’s almost impossible! You have a better chance of winning the Power Ball- BUT when you DO finally land an agent you feel like you have won the Power Ball until the agent then has to get to work. And then…
Edit the book.

Edit the book.

Edit the book.

Edit the book.
Once the agent that you FINALLY landed gets the edits done and you feel like you’re going to become a rock star author, the agent sends out the first net to publishers. Then you wait a VERY long time for a lot of rejection letters… My personal favorite form rejection letter goes something like this: “Amy is an excellent writer. I loved the characters, but the story just doesn’t fit my list” 
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Worst. Rejection. Ever! They liked the story… surely they can find room for it! They said they “loved” it, but it doesn’t fit their list. Ahhhh! Then you breathe and continue on.
Fast forward:
Hopefully, by reading my success story you will find encouragement through what seems to be a very hard road when trying to get any book published by a traditional publisher…
😊After all of this process- all of the rejections, waiting, and numerous edits, I can honestly say that I made it through the grueling process and it wasn’t so bad after all. IT’s NEVER IMPOSSIBLE! Even when it feels it may be… keep trekking. You can do it! 
Two years later: 
My first children’s book Star Fishing is coming out November 7, 2017!!! I Love Outside will follow (2018). 
I’ve been a busy bee 🐝 
In the past two weeks, I’ve collaborated with my illustrator and publisher on finalizing the book. I hired a Marketing Manager, sweet Brittany, to maximize my social media accounts, as well as an Atlanta based Book Publicist! It’s going to be great:) I have an awesome team in place and can’t wait to catch you up next week on the process! 

Picture 📸 by creds to my daughter Madelynn! 

Bookshelf cred to The Story Shop!


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