Sit back and relax❤️ Time to enjoy Christmas! 

There’s something really awesome and relaxing about a bubble bath! 

This time of year can get so crazy that you sometimes don’t have time to sit back and relax! Everyone knows I love Christmas- but even I get overwhelmed during the hussle and bussle. 

This year I have intentionally set goals to declutter my calendar, accomplish things early, and take time to unwind. After all, being so caught up in the season so often deflects from the true meaning of Christmas… celebrating my Savior Jesus Christ.

I’m finding that intentionally allowing time on my calendar to do as much as I can on my Christmas list early will allow me to have more relaxing time when it matters- the time that my typical Christmas schedule usually depletes me of! 

I went to a Bible study a few weeks back with my friend and the whole series is about organizing your calendar for the Christmas season. 

I had already planned to do things differently this year, and the sweet lady in charge had printed out her “Christmas to Do list”… it was super LONG! She challened us to look at the list and intentionally organize our calendars. As I began to look it over I realized I have to be intentional with my time… really I need to apply this to everyday life- not just the Christmas season. 

So, here I am in the picture above finding time to relax… even in the middle of Lowe’s in a bathtub that doesn’t even belong to me! It’s the little things. I was out with my family yesterday and the bathtub looked so inviting- I climbed in and chilled (but mostly laughed with my girls at how silly it was).  In that moment I realized something… The less I have to do, the more fun I can be. 

Do it for you… do it for your family… be intentional so you can be RELAXED this Christmas, and maybe even throughout the year! 
Leave a comment below on how you keep calm and relaxed through craiziness! 


One thought on “Sit back and relax❤️ Time to enjoy Christmas! 

  1. Love this! Totally agree, you have to be intentional with your time, otherwise it’s fleeting & gone before we know it. This year, i too, vow to be intentional with my time this Holiday Season, getting things checked off early so we can spend stress less time together…Here’s to a Merry Christmas, & a very special time of reflection on the greatest gift ever given: the Son of God 👑


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