Confession: Patience (waiting) is not my greatest virtue…

Anyone else find it humorous that a lot of times our weaknesses are exactly where God tests us the most?

I do!

I suppose there are exceptions to finding humor depending on the personal weakness-  but for me patience is the worst! And guess where God tests me the most?!?! Patience! 

In these tests of learning and growing I so often look to God and grumble…it’s hard sometimes to be thankful when you’re waiting for answers-


God understands our emotions and thankfully, somewhere in the midst of our tests we can usually find His humor and laugh about it (Not always immediately but somewhere through the process God makes everything make sense).  When this happens it’s sort of like an “Ah ha” moment.

Those “Ah ha” moments look something like this for me:

I pray for something I think should happen the way I see it- God says “No” and has a different plan- and then days, weeks, months, or even years may pass by before my “Ah ha” moment comes… 

But in that “Ah ha” moment His reasons all come together and things begin to make sense. 

God is ALL knowing we just have to trust Him. 

Have you ever prayed for something you thought needed to happen and God said no? 

Think about how you responded (sometimes I don’t want to remember my response to God when things didn’t turn out the way I thought they should) did you pitch a fit? Were you angry?


He always has a reason. I can’t tell you how many times God has said “No” to my prayers and in the aftermath I’ve looked back and rejoiced that He knew the outcome wouldn’t be in my best interest. It’s in those moments where I love and trust Him more! Those are the moments he grows me spiritually and in patience. 

It’s tough waiting and having patience. Sometimes I get angry and frustrated…

In my frustration I ramble something like this to Him… “God give me patience!” It’s in those times of desperation where I pray for God to take my wants out of the way of what I’m waiting for and for Him to align me with His will not Amy’s will. 

Do you know how hard that can be? Especially, for someone like me who wants to be in control of everything- all decisions— literally, everything! I’m sort of a control freak😬 I repeat patience is not my greatest virtue! 
The truth is it’s hard…

But- that’s where faith comes in! When we ask God to build our faith and we read His word a funny thing happens… IT WORKS! Our faith becomes renewed by trusting Him. When we realize His will is perfect it builds our faith! 

God has our best interest in mind on every outcome-No matter what we see or think… I can promise you one day you’ll look back on the different unanswered prayers and thank Him for them! He always comes through when you are in His will! 

So, here I am learning patience again- 

Not long ago I wrote a blog about “Waiting” they definitely tie in together and it’s my hope that something I’ve said in this post will speak to you. Sometimes I write these things down just so I can go back and read them the next time I find myself in a “wait” or in a “patience test” to build my own faith more… 

My hope is that through all of the circumstances God puts me in and allows me to go through that I will grow spiritually closer to him more than ever before. It’s my hearts desire to ALWAYS walk in His will and die to my flesh and walk in HIS spirit daily!

God, I pray this day that you will let your Holy Spirit give me patience through this wait I’m in and that you will grant me peace while I face the outcome. Please forgive me for trying to take charge of my waiting situations and give me endurance and faith like never before. I die to my fleshly desires today and everyday and wait on You and Your perfect will. Align me with You. In Jesus name Amen. 

Philippians 4:6

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”
I found this poster image on Google and it is perfect for today! 


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