Happy 12th birthday Reese

I never knew anyone who was a 12 year old boy that:
Could Walk into a room and make immediate friends with ANYONE like you do. 
Could pick up any sport or game and be great at it the first time (including tennis no matter how many lessons I had taken) like you do.

Make people laugh and smile just listening to you talk like you do.

Can Love and care for ALL living things/people like you do.

Has the ability to make up words that people actually understand what they mean like you do.

Spends countless hours practicing basketball so they can play NBA like you do. 

Does Not spend money on frivolous things but instead saves up money like you do.

Could Honor the memories of their “PawPaw” in heaven like you do. 

Is looked up to and loved by every little kid they come in contact with like you do. 

Exemplifies a strong since of justice for ALL things like you do. 

Loves, respects, and honors God as morally and serious as you do.

LOVES Coke like you do! 

Fulfills the job of being the only son like you do. 

If I lined up all the boys in all the world I’d pick you as my favorite every time! 

Happy birthday to the only 12 yr old boy that could make us love you like WE DO! 


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