My skincare regimen for my allergic to EVERYTHING self!

Beauty Counter is my BAE…

I’ve always been a beauty product person! Like always❤️ 
I worked at Clinique, sold Mary Kay, and have tried and used almost EVERY beauty product and brand on the market! 

Aside from my absolute LOVE of the right skincare I’m also utterly and completely crazy about the right makeup!

 In my twenties I was known to overuse makeup covering up that flawless skin of just being twenty that God had given me not realizing that in a few years I’d look back and regret using so much! Too much of a good thing can be bad especially when I didn’t even need it😳

Now I try and take my color and coverage a little lighter😬 to look younger!!!  Funny how that works huh?!?! One of those I wish I could talk to my twenty year old self moments! 

The only issue with going lighter and looking younger is if you’re using the wrong product you’ll need more coverage… It’s a catch 22!

 It’s kind of like painting an old chair. If you don’t treat the base with care and prime it the paint won’t look as new and fresh! That’s exactly how your skin is. In order to get the freshest and youngest looking skin you have to pay attention to your skincare before you apply your makeup! Also, EXFOLIATE!!! That’s your other BFF❤️

So here it is:

I have a gazillion allergies to a gazillion products! 

When I was first diagnosed with my allergies it never occurred to me to check all of the beauty products I was using… Like it never even crossed my mind😳…

 Did you know…

EVERYTHING you put on your skin goes straight to your bloodstream?!?! Super scary! After weeks of still having allergy symptoms (for me mostly panic attacks) I finally was informed I should check out ALL of the products I was using in my house… 

Being a beauty product LOVER I was so upset when I discovered that I was allergic to almost everything in the current products I was using😱 

I literally cried… 😰

I thought I’d have to embrace natural beauty and be super plain with no makeup for forever!!! For some people no makeup is great but for me I pretty much felt destitute😬 not to mention I have dry skin and needed skin care desperately! Seriously, and horribly desperately! 

I started researching products and got more and more discouraged… I would find something GF but not DF or it would have one or two of the other gazillion things I was allergic to in it. I was so so so frustrated and defeated!

I had this friend (Ashley😉) on Facebook who was selling a product called Beauty Counter  and I had seen several of her posts about how safe it was and she was always wanting to let people try out the products for free… I like free! 

Everyone is selling something🤑 on Facebook and I was skeptical!

So let’s be honest I pretty much ignored most of the posts just like most of you reading this do too! Am I right??? I’m just being real here and I kept going about my business feeling frustrated by makeup and skincare lines! 

Until one day…

One day she posted something and it finally caught my eye 👀 so I decided to reach out and see what the big deal about Beauty Counter was. Plus I knew what a health guru my friend was so I figured it was worth a look… 

Much to my surprise!

I was ELATED to discover that not only did Beauty Counter have products that were GF and DF but they were also free of all of the cancer causing ingredients and they were super safe products! I don’t know about you but putting safe stuff on myself and my family is pretty important! 

🖐🏻STOP 🖐🏻 what you’re doing Right Now and get this app!!!

You NEED this app❤️ “HEALTHY LIVING” it has a scanner for barcodes y’all!!!! It’s a lifesaver!!!! 

Check out what the Healthy Living App has to say about Beauty Counter and you will not be disappointed! Also, have fun scanning your current products to see where they score for safety and health😬 I was super shocked by my daily household and beauty products!

Lately, everywhere I go I get compliments on my skin… I feel a bit silly saying that but it’s true! 

So… If you’re frustrated with your skincare and makeup not giving you the results you expect or if you want to use a safer product join me on my happy Beauty Counter train and let’s make as many women as we know not only have great looking skin and makeup but do it safely! 💋


I am not being paid to write this post nor will I benefit in any form other than helping others experience great looking skin safely!

Hop on over to this link and check out the BEST skincare and makeup line on the market and be safe with your beauty:


Or email:


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