I don’t like 5th grade graduations… 

Here is a pic of my little guy and I on his kindergarten graduation day❤️

Seriously?!?! Wasn’t this like 2 minutes ago? I’m sure those of you graduating seniors are rolling your eyes at me right now 🙄 but please bear with me and let me have my moment.


In kindergarten he couldn’t get enough of my hugs and kisses. In kindergarten tucking him in meant he would want me to lay down and cuddle and talk or read the same story over and over “just one more time mommy”. In kindergarten he said “I love you” 100 times a day. In kindergarten I knew everything and I could fix anything. In kindergarten things were simple. In kindergarten he knew no embarrassment. 


Now there’s a time and a place for hugs and if I’m lucky I can sneak a kiss once and a while on the cheek or forehead of course. Oh and those hugs and kisses MUST happen before we even leave the house for school… God forbid I hug him or say “I love you” in public. Now he reads his own stories “you wouldn’t like them anyways mom”. He still loves me a lot but he doesn’t feel the need to say it 100 times a day- Now he knows more than me. Now things are more complex and Mommy can’t fix everything because he’s becoming a young man. Now he’s embarrassed most of the time when I show up at school-

 “Mom, if you come to my school just don’t say weird things”  – 

😳What in the world would I say anyways? I can’t imagine it would be that “weird”!!!


So here we are a day a way from graduating from the 5th grade and I don’t like it! 

Yes I’ve done a 5th grade graduation before and that’s exactly why I know I don’t like it. My oldest is about to be a sophomore in high school and I swear to you since she graduated 5th grade the years continuously zoom by! Knowing from past experience how fast time flies I’m buckling up for the ride and anxiously awaiting to see how well he’ll do in middle school- all the while crossing my fingers the years creep by slowly (unless of course middle school just sucks then I’m sure I can be flexible)!

Below is another picture of the boy and I taken about a month ago. He’s not smiling because he’s graduating kindergarten- this time he’s simply basking in the glory that he’s almost taller than me! Gosh knows being taller than my 5 ft 1 inch (I take that 1 inch with pride too) self is something to be proud of and that he certainly is. 

It’s almost a daily thing now where he comes up next to me and measures to see if he’s past my height yet and everyday he seems a little closer. I suppose at this rate by the end of the year I’ll be looking up to him as he’ll pass me in height. He’ll always be my little man no matter how much taller he gets! 

It’s intriguing looking at these two pictures taken 6 years apart- not only does he look different and more grown up but he also behaves differently, and it’s evident he’s becoming who he’ll be. I love watching him evolve into the fine young man he’s becoming. Everyone he comes in contact with loves him- he has the most contagious spirit of anyone I’ve ever known… I can’t wait to see where he goes in life and what he becomes! 

He’s growing up and whether I like or dislike 5th grade graduation it’s coming – there’s not much I can do about it. I’m so proud to be his kindergarten “mommy” and 5th grade graduate “mom”! I’ll try and like 5th grade graduation until next time (3 more years 😁)!

“If I lined up all the boys in all the world I’d pick you as my favorite every time” -mom


One thought on “I don’t like 5th grade graduations… 

  1. He’s grown up way too fast! But I sure do love the young man he’s becoming. Of course I loved the baby, toddler and little boy he was too! Pops and Mimi are very proud of you and love you very much Reese!


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