New Year’s Day lunch table!

 New Year’s Day lunch table…  
The truth behind the beautiful display:

Isn’t this the way your table looks everyday? Awesome! Mine too!!! Yay we have something in common!

Haha… Just kidding

Don’t worry the rest of the year we will most likely eat on Chinet plates… Ok not really! 

Even Chinet plates are too fancy:) for us. It’s more like paper plates-just the cheap flimsy ones from Kroger. It’s just easier. Hopefully, you’re reading this and you get me?!?! Do you get me?

Seriously though! 

I loved having the opportunity to set the table nicely for a special lunch with family but it truly is a very rare occasion… In fact it’s so rare that my son thought the charger (the pretty under plate that the dinner plate sits on) was where he should put his food!!!! Luckily, my oldest daughter knew better and said, “No, that’s just for looks” to which my son replied, “Well that’s just stupid!” 

And then…

That moment when hubby placed the fancy Wedgewood coffee mug under the Keurig and said “these mugs aren’t going to work for “real” coffee, they’re too tiny”… Insert eye roll from me to him. -after completion of my most dramatic eye roll I said, “that’s okay… The mugs already served their purpose I got my picture and they made the table look better”

So there you have it. The truth behind the beautiful dining room table display is that fancy isn’t always practical but occasionally it’s fun to do. 

In my house fancy tables don’t  happen very often and I’m okay with that! 

I hope you enjoyed today wether you had paper plates or china- plain table or fancy table! 

Happy New Year’s Day! 


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