2015 highlights! 

2015 was a blessed year! Here are some highlights:

One of my favorite cousins (by  marriage… But she’s like a sister) came to visit with her whole family… Like all 6 kids and hubby.  It was fantastic!!! Love you Kentra! 

We had an awesome Easter egg hunt/party at my sweet niece Andrea’s house (you know the niece who got the Burger King Barbie Play Set I wanted for Christmas when I was little… View the Chicken Soup blog for more details on that matter) insert eye roll!!! 

Hubby and youngest went to a father daughter dance and it was awesome!

Oh yeah, I finished my 2nd novel and decided to self publish them both.  I sold a ton of copies! Actually, it’s a pretty awesome feeling! I had my first (of many hopefully) book signing… 

I may be driving my friends crazy with my Instagram feed, but…

My favorite author Emily Giffin followed me, so we’re pretty much BFF’s now, right? Also, it’s not a rare thing for places like Potterybarn to request to use my photos, which is pretty fabulous too! 

We had Summer pictures taken for the first time… I know that may not be considered a highlight to some people, but we had never done any family pics other than fall, and I actually loved them! Thanks to At Heart Photography! 

The kids started a new school after being at the same one for all of their lives.  Contrary to my initial fears, it’s actually been really awesome! They all have enjoyed their new schools so much… Answered prayer!!! 

Madelynn made the JV volleyball team, got asked to her first homecoming dance, and has her first boyfriend who ironically looks just like one of my other children (I’ll let you decide) hehe! 

Reese is in his last year of elementary (he says he can almost burp the entire alphabet).  I can’t believe he’ll be in middle school next year… Also, he and one of his new buddies at his new school may have taken on an entire basketball team with Reese scoring 10 points with only 4 min left in the game making his total score 20 points for that game after his other team members all fouled out! He’s quite the baller! He also got his first iPhone… 

Delaney started ballet back and actually had a part in The Nutcracker as an Arabian Princess! She has made so many new friends at her new school. She loves being able to wear whatever she wants to school and has an amazing eye for fashion, and no problem telling me if I need to change:/ 

Oh I forgot one:

Kyle (hubby) got older and hotter! He’s pretty much my favorite person and I love our awesome life together! 

I hope you were equally as blessed as I was this year 😉 

I wish you a wonderful, prosperous, blessed 2016!!! 



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