Post Christmas season empty declarations…

Every year when Christmas is over and I begin the dreadful task of taking everything down and packing it away; I feel like a complete crazy person, and I (sometimes) act like one too!

I must admit, a part of me questions this Christmas passion of mine year-after-year… It can be really exhausting and time consuming- not to mention a challenge finding places to store all of this stuff!! 

I often catch myself thinking something like this: “Next year maybe I won’t decorate as much, and perhaps I’ll tone it down a little bit,” or “Maybe I won’t do EVERY room”…  

It’s always a relief to get everything packed away and cleaned up after the Christmas season, but then the house looks so empty and sad:(  I miss the warm feeling of the holidays alas. 

But…Even when it’s packed away-
It never fails throughout the year, we’re always finding leftover pine needles and Christmas glitter no matter how many times we vacuum and sweep! I can honestly say Christmas truly never leaves this house… Each time I find a needle I feel warm and fuzzy, and I am reminded of my favorite season-  I can’t help but smile!

Christmas means so much to me. It’s more than the decorations (which I love a lot). Christmas is just a simple time. A simple magical time where we celebrate Jesus’s birth, family, traditions, giving and lots of love! 

Most of my friends and family  acknowledge and support my love for all things Christmas, but others think I’m plain crazy… I respect both opinions because both are true!

…Every year I forget my post Christmas declarations…

Somehow throughout the year I manage to forget how much work I put into making my house “Christmas ready (Amy style)” and my post declarations of a lighter Christmas decoration year, and once again I muster up the energy to pull it off another year! 

I know Christmas comes and goes regardless of decorations and trees.  The meaning of Christmas doesn’t rely on my house being “Christmas ready (Amy style)”, but… it’s my thing and I love it! 

I will post my 2015 Christmas house tour soon! I hope you love it as much as I do:) 



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