So… The lovely ladies from the company CHARMED BAR sent me some of the most incredibly delicious bars EVER for me to try after seeing some comments concerning my food allergies… Just so we’re on the same page… I’d choose to eat them even if I didn’t have food allergies. They’re ridiculously AMAZING! So. Good!  I just got them yesterday and I have literally eaten 6!!! Half of the box!! Craziness! You HAVE to try them…

I am so happy that Debbi and Jen sent me these bars to try! I will totally be a loyal customer for sure and I hope you all will check them out… Do me and yourself a favor… Order some bars and like their page! I wish Charmed Bar HUGE success!! I get so excited when GF/DF food actually tastes GOOD!!! Yay Charmed Bar you NAILED it:)


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