I’m Not huge on sharing food BUT…

 Being allergic to gluten, dairy and many other foods including but not limited to celery (yes! Celery), sesame seeds, chick peas, and pistachios… Mealtime is a real challenge most days.

We are that family! You know who I’m talking about the family you want to leave off of your party invitation because heaven forbid you have to feed them- and they make you feel extra guilty every time you eat in front of them:) it’s okay that you’re eating that gluten dairy filled doughnut while drool sneaks down our mouth… Also it’s no problem when you bite into that huge slice of cheesy pizza and the cheese strings ever so delicately down your chin and you have to pick it up and push it into your mouth making that yummy “I’m eating a delicious slice of pizza” noise it makes… Just kidding but really! I mean really?!?! I hate you;) kinda…

Let’s face it the GF/DF food community just hasn’t gotten it all perfected quite yet… It’s easy to find yummy GF food but good luck finding both GF and DF with a quality taste! 

Spaghetti was my favorite dish and a new way to eat marinara…

Gluten free Spaghetti is one of those things with a low quality taste. I don’t mean the sauce either because thank God the sauce is GF DF or else it would be a sad planet! Honestly though, if you like mushy noodles then eat all of the GF DF spaghetti you want- but for me I just can’t do it! YUCK! Surely, we can come up with a better noodle SOON!

Needless to say I’m always looking for good food to eat and that’s why I’m so excited to tell you I’ve just perfected the most amazing, life changing, simple way to eat spaghetti sauce!!!! Yay me!!!

You know I like lists so here you go:
Author Amy’s Italian Taco’s

Step 1. 

Put some corn tortillas in a toaster oven (if corn tortillas are not warmed they’re crumbly and quite gross) once heated they’re delicious 

Step 2. 

Heat some spaghetti sauce marinara with meat (no meat for vegan)

Step 3. 

Place marinara sauce inside  the corn tortilla fold in half taco style and EAT it

Ha!!! Easy and yummy!!! Thank me later;) 

P.S. Trying sloppy joe mix soon! I’ll let you know!



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