Ponder this…

Seriously??? How can this be? I mean I’m not trying to pass judgement but I’m really offended by this! 


I’m not really one of those people that wake up naturally, beautifully, magnificent so I sort of feel bad for this person! Not only do I feel bad for her but who does he think he is?!?! 


The pressure that society and people like this guy put on women is kind of scary!!! I have daughters who will one day be women and I don’t want them to EVER feel like they’re only beautiful if they have on make-up!


I used to be a beauty consultant for Clinque, I also sold Mary Kay, and most who know me know I hardly ever leave home without some kind of make-up… 


You better believe it’s not because I’m afraid my husband might sue me, but rather for my own self! 

Be who you want to be!

Be comfortable in your own skin!

Be you… Be-you-tiful 

You are beautiful the way God made you ❤️
#naturalbeauty with #mygirl  


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