SHOE delimma!!!

So… I found these awesome fun black and white shoes I want to wear to my first book signing!!! Awesome right??? 

Well… Not exactly:/ one fits pretty good (left side) just a little snug but the other one (right side) is really tight! 

I tried to ask a couple friends which one I should wear to the signing hoping they would pick Red… The red shoes fit comfortably and the black and white fun print shoes feel like I’m walking on the devil!!! 

The friend consensus… You guessed it! They want me to walk on the devil!!!

So of course I take my friends advice…

What am I doing to make this black and white fun shoe work you ask?!?!

To break these devil shoes in so far I have…

1. Walked around for  20 min in thick socks until I could no longer feel my toes (suggested by Mickey one of my sweet friends)

2. I’m cleaning the house in them (one friend suggested I keep them on ALL day)

3. I’ve soaked them in tub water (my own idea)

4. Placed the right shoe under a heavy piece of furniture (also my own idea)

5. Taken the shoe in my hands and literally pulled to gain some stretch (sorry, no picture…another Amy original idea)

Anyways, I will wear these shoes to that signing one way or another! What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to try and fit into something you loved???


One thought on “SHOE delimma!!!

  1. Hahaha, you are ROCKING that sock look!! Don’t remember a shoe delimma, BUT, I wore my fingers down to a nub trying to zip up my waaaay too TIGHT jeans in the 80’s & 90’s!! Lol


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