Wildest dreams and secret! xoxo

Never in my wildest dreams did it occur to me that I would ever need a huge poster of myself! I mean it’s kinda bazaar!!! Actually, I felt a bit narcissistic picking it up… I mean what on earth will I do with this huge sign after the signings for these books?!?! Out. Of. My. Element.   But fun I guess! 

Here’s a secret for ya… Shhhh… If you’re coming to the launch party on July 24th make sure you locate “Mr. Amy Gelsthorpe” and wish him a happy birthday since I’ll be stealing his night! Bless his heart for sacrificing his special day to support me! (We’ll celebrate Saturday honey)❤️

I’m getting really excited about my first book signing! I am in awe about book sales… I mean complete amazement! 

This is so exciting and surreal! I’m so thankful for my readers and all of the support I’m getting from everyone especially Nash Hair Studio! Thanks Mickey❤️❤️

Love to all!! I hope to see you next week at the signing💋 


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