I love lists!!!!

Okay… I’m a total list girl!

I make lists for everything. 


2. grocery stores

3.clothes shopping

4.cleaning the house

5.anything else that includes multiple things/steps! 


Even though, I don’t consider myself to be an “organized person” in general I suppose preferring a list doesn’t make me a completely “unorganized person” either and that makes me kinda happy!  


I love articles! Like, I probably read 5-10 articles a day, sometimes more…

When I read most articles, the first thing I do is skim to see if the bullet points are laid out in list form, or even better, numbered!!!! I love when points are numbered… Like when they say “7 ways to beautiful hair” or “The top 5 do’s in marriage” it just makes my day! 

What about you? Are you a list person?

After reading this, I bet the next time you read an article you will think “Oh, this would be better as a list!!”



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