Magical Sofa- PB Pearce Upholstered Sofa

This sofa is unbelievably awesome! Ridiculously, amazing!

When I purchased it last August I was skeptical of the suede material showing spots, but I loved the look and comfort of the sofa.

Of course, I had to have the light, soft ‘Oatmeal’ color to match my room. With the way a light color shows stains, this sort of scared me. With three kids, two dogs, and one husband need I say more as to why I was so scared?

When I questioned the sales associate on cleaning instructions she said all I would need to do is use a white washcloth and simply wipe the spots away… WHAT? Are you kidding? Clearly, she didn’t have a family (I remember thinking), or if she did they must have been super neat freaks who never had any spills.

Over the past year we have had several spills, dog licks with covered peanut butter tongues, and other various everyday mishaps.

Last night was the ultimate test… He got BLOOD on the sofa!!!!!

My hubby came in from mowing the lawn with a bloody knee:( and got blood on the sofa… I was certain it was ruined. Immediately I wet a white cloth as instructed by the sales associate and began rubbing the blood stains out. Still skeptical, I kept shooting mean glares towards said hubby…

To my surprise!

Much to my surprise, this sofa has pulled through for me again! Seriously, even blood comes out with a wet, white cloth. It’s sort of like magic I think? I might contact Pottery Barn and ask if they would consider changing the name of the sofa to “Magical Sofa”. I think that name suits its abilities more appropriately!

If you need a sofa, I highly recommend this one… Get the ‘everyday suede’ trust me it will not let you down! It’s a magical sofa for sure!

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