Surviving a relationship with a writer! 


My thoughts:

1. You have no idea how badly I want to say NOW to this painful question, but I’m at the mercy of the industry! Seriously, If you must ask I will try and forgive you💋

2. Umm. Yes! Of course I wish that;)

3. Don’t really mind people saying they’re thinking of writing a book. I think a lot of people do think about it… It’s definitely something you have to make time for!

4. My browsing history is actually quite entertaining at times! No elaboration here…  It’s amazing how much you can learn when writing a book and research is key!

5. I’m not ignoring your call or text on purpose… Well actually it is on purpose! This is so true. Once in the zone everything else must go away!

6. True… And if you challenge me you might be in my next book!

7. Even if you’re not fighting with me… I’m a people watcher and love to find new material. Just ask my life long friend Andrea, I’ve been known to use some real life material in my books!

8. Not me… I promise if you invite me over for a party the only thing I’m interested in seeing is the food!

9. True and NO: I love pens and notebooks… But I’m allergic to dairy:( 

10. I HATE rejection letters, but they only make me stronger and more determined! I will be PUBLISHED!!! 





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