Dear Moms of littles, 

Dear Moms of littles,

I know this blog may seem a bit clichè but I’m writing it anyway (apparently I’m not just a storyteller but a poet as well). 

As a mom of three school aged children 13, 10, and 8 I must confess to you  something I never thought would happen! I mean I really NEVER thought this would happen! 

I miss having littles! Everything about it… All of it!  

I miss:

-Grocery visit temper tantrums (I even envy the moms I see experiencing it when shopping nowadays)

-constant begging for toys on early morning Target runs

-Barnes & Noble storytime

-mom and me ballet 

-falling asleep in the car 5 min from home knowing they’d wake up when I shut the car off 

-the smell of a new babies head 

-the reach of a hand when walking in a parking lot or store 

-sports without keeping score 

-daytime cuddles and naps 

-dr visits to remove toys from noses and ears 

-endless hours of Wiggle’s, Caillou, and Barney

-the feeling I was the center of their world 

-dirty little handprints everywhere 

-eating Chick-fil-A every day!

-chasing after my runner who seemed to always try an escape us 

-singing and dancing to silly songs and it not being embarrassing to them (I mean they really used to not care) 

-tickle torture 

-the innocence of “time-out” as a punishment 

This is a small list and I could keep going for hours. My kids aren’t grown by any means and we still have many years at home to be together but I so miss the early years! 

This upcoming school year my oldest will start high school and be of age to get a driver’s permit… My middle child will be 11 and in 5th grade. He will probably think I’m even more uncool than he already does… Even now he won’t kiss me goodbye at school. I mean what if his friends see??? Then there’s my baby who just turned 8… Hopefully, she will probably still think I’m pretty fabulous for a few more years to come! 

The years will continue to keep soaring by:

It’s crazy really, looking back over their early years to now how fast time really does go. When I was a littles mom I remember thinking a day felt like an eternity… What I would give to go back and tell myself to savor every single, stressful, antagonizing moment of those days because I would soon miss them.

So, moms of littles,

I know you hear it often and trust me I know it gets old because I remember the many moms who said the same things to me but enjoy those precious littles. They are truly gifts from God!  

Trust me you will miss this time one day. You may not think so now, but I didn’t think so either and here I am… 


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