Things about me… Oh, and Dear oldest child,

Here are some things you may not know about me:

1. My husband is my best friend

2. I have a huge family- I’m blessed that way

3. I have a ton of friends

4. I get my best writing ideas in the middle of the night

5. I love my house to look clean but… I don’t care about messy closets/drawers thank God my husband does!

6. I have many annoying food allergies and I am a nuisance to dine with… pretty sure I eat spit a lot in restaurants 😦

7. My favorite Starbucks drink is Decaf Soy Latte- (allergic to milk and caffeine) told you I have annoying food allergies…

8. I like to clean the house wearing heels… Not to be sexy either but simply because it makes me taller and more productive… So please don’t picture me as a seductive women vacuuming in heels because I promise that’s not it… Your picturing it aren’t you?

9. I am most productive when wearing bright colored lipstick:) makes me happy especially RED!

10. I sometimes have to break deadlines. This brings me to my next point. Here goes…

Umm how do I say this…

Dear oldest child who was so awesome in believing that I could finish my second novel by February 9th,

It’s. Not. Going. To. Happen! I love you so much for making me feel capable, and for motivating me to write a ton this month! I hope you will consider an extension? I am thinking March? It’s coming along beautifully but like I always tell you “I can’t rush perfection!”







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