Christmas is canceled?

“We will have to cancel”…

The phrase “We will have to cancel” has become all too familiar to my family and many friends this Christmas season. It seems like party-after-party, and even a family trip we were planning, have all had to be cancelled due to the flu. It has pretty much canceled or compromised Christmas for a large portion of the state of GA in one way or another.

Almost every post on Facebook over the past few days is filled with family and friends all down with the flu/sickness. Our family too was hit with the flu last week and it was awful!

Originally, I wanted to title this blog post “What Christmas Means to Me”, but decided that “Christmas is Canceled” would tie my thoughts together more appropriately this year, and at the same time answer the question what Christmas means to me. Like every Christmas season, no matter what the circumstances even as crazy as this season has been with the many cancellations and sicknesses, one thing remains the same…

Cliche you may say?

Although, some may find this cliche, to me it is truth. No matter how many things we have had to change: canceling parties, rearranging trips, and rescheduling family gatherings, the essence of Christmas has remained the same. His name is Jesus. Born of a virgin and sent to save the world. He is love, and He loves us abundantly no matter what, sick or well.

When sitting here today reflecting on the craziness of the past couple of weeks and the plans that were made and canceled, I am reminded no matter what I expect from the “Christmas season” or how I envision the traditions playing out, Jesus really is the “main event”.  As long as we put him first Christmas can NEVER be canceled.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas family pic 048



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