What I hope my Facebook status is in 2020…

Fast forward six years from today… I hope this is my Facebook status:

Amy’s status-

I can’t believe I am writing the script for my second movie production starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Evans!

Let the ambitious fly!!!

#headachesoftheheart #gettingpublished #producingmovies

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2 thoughts on “What I hope my Facebook status is in 2020…

  1. It’s important to set goals and dream BIG!! If I could do anything in the world, I would move to Maine & open a bed and breakfast! God leads us where His Will keeps us…The very Best of Luck to you sweet friend, you know I will be here to cheer you on!


  2. that will be amazing, can I meet Chris and Jen? I cannot wait for your next set of books to come out! The next movie you do, could Tom hiddleston be in it?


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