Children’s book- I Love Outside

Yesterday I was ecstatic to begin submitting one of the four children’s books I have written! The name of the book is I Love Outside.  Starting as a Christmas present for my niece, Alice, I Love Outside became more than a gift. I Love Outside’s story begins with a little girl, Alice, who enjoys playing outside.  She likes being outside so much she decides to move her bedroom outdoors.  Alice’s mother plays along knowing Alice will change her mind.  A pesky bumble bee helps Alice realize she may have made a mistake.

First submission went out at 7:00 pm and my first reply back from an agent happened at 8:09 pm!!

The agent found the story to be “an original, appealing concept” She also said, “Kids will love it” – 🙂

I can’t wait to see what happens with this adorable story!

I hope Alice and the agents love it as much as I do:)



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