My writing space…


White on White. 20 Beautiful Home Offices | Bright Bold and Beautiful

So… Isn’t this the perfect writing space? I love it! It’s so bright and incredibly cheerful!


It’s not mine:) Not yet anyways! I have some plans to create my own writing space, and if you follow my Pinterest board I have pinned many ideas similar to this picture. I can’t wait to create my own special space someday soon!

So if you’re asking yourself:

“Where does Amy write her books?” For now, the answer is mostly on my couch sitting “Criss-Cross Applesauce” with a pillow holding my laptop. Copper, my small Pomeranian, is usually curled up next to me and Darla, my big lab, is always on the floor beside me. I love my doggy writing partners:) Now that the weather is nice I enjoy having the windows open and my Yankee Pumpkin spice candle burning! Fall time = happy for me!

My husband often teases me that if I create a fancy writing space I will lose my creativity; but, I am certain he has other motives which may or may not be $$$ related!

If you have any writing space room ideas or pictures/suggestions for me please post or comment below I would love your help!






One thought on “My writing space…

  1. This is a perfectly beautiful space, exactly what I would expect for all of your novel characters to come to life! Good luck to you as this, one of many, dreams comes true. If you believe in it, it will succeed!! We love you!

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