My writing space…

Amy Gelsthorpe


White on White. 20 Beautiful Home Offices | Bright Bold and Beautiful

So… Isn’t this the perfect writing space? I love it! It’s so bright and incredibly cheerful!


It’s not mine:) Not yet anyways! I have some plans to create my own writing space, and if you follow my Pinterest board I have pinned many ideas similar to this picture. I can’t wait to create my own special space someday soon!

So if you’re asking yourself:

“Where does Amy write her books?” For now, the answer is mostly on my couch sitting “Criss-Cross Applesauce” with a pillow holding my laptop. Copper, my small Pomeranian, is usually curled up next to me and Darla, my big lab, is always on the floor beside me. I love my doggy writing partners:) Now that the weather is nice I enjoy having the windows open and my Yankee Pumpkin spice candle burning! Fall time = happy for me!

My husband often teases…

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