I Love to write!

I Love to write! I could do it all day long…

Just finished writing my 2nd children’s book and I couldn’t be more excited! I hope to send them out to agents for representation soon. I am not an illustrator but I definitely have some creative children’s stories to tell.

Basically, what I have learned about myself is I love to write and could do it all day long!

Why I love to write Women’s fiction and Children’s books…

Why women’s fiction?

That’s easy! I love writing women’s fiction because it gives me the pleasure of taking a reader into a fictional world where they can either relate, or live vicariously through the characters. I like to write books about things that do not relate to my personal life as it provides an escape. On the flip side, there are many topics that can be covered in the genre.  I love how there are so many stories that can be told.

Why children’s books?

That is easy as well.  Who doesn’t love to read a good children’s book? Children are so imaginative and eager to hear a good story.  Being a mom of three children I will never run out of material in this genre! Writing children’s books allow me the fun and excitement of thinking like a child. Who wouldn’t want to do that?!?!

Back to writing!!!


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