A day in the life of me as a writer…

My favorite kinds of days as a writer are the days that I plan at least 4+ hours of uninterrupted writing time. On those days I can crank out 5,000 or more words! I am not sure what the deal is with “4 hours” but it seems to be the magic number for me! 

I know some author’s are awesome at planning out their novels: Post it notes, idea boards, character maps, etc. In all seriousness, I admire those kinds of writers! As much as I have tried to be that way, it just doesn’t seem to be my style…

My writing plan consists of picking up my laptop and just writing. Occasionally, I write a note in Clinque “Tenderheart” Lipstick on a tissue or whatever scrap paper I can grab at the time… TRUE STORY! Honestly, I try to brainstorm ideas out and almost always end up taking a different turn.

In my new novel the only thing that has remained the original idea is the character’s names and location…everything else changed. ALL. OF. IT.

Most days I can write anywhere from 1,000 words to 2,000 words an hour depending on my “brainspeed” and flow for the day. If ever you were to watch me write you would most likely notice me staring into thin air quite often, and that usually means I can’t find the right word to use (or I’m getting hungry).

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW about a writer staring out the window:

I love when my hubby comes in the room and sees me holding the laptop staring out the window and automatically assumes I am taking a break so he starts talking to me… What you need to know is that when a writer is dazing out the window they are thinking about their story and you should say NOTHING for the sake of the book!!! He throws me off every time:)

Okay let’s talk about what a day as a writer looks like for Amy:

Write an hour
Eat a snack
Write an hour
Eat a snack
Write an hour
Eat lunch
Write an hour
Eat dark chocolate
Write an hour
Chew gum (because I need calories left to have dinner)
Write an hour
Chew a new piece of gum

That’s a good day in the life of me as a writer!!

Happy writing!!!

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