Real Deal Stuff!!

Most of you know that with every fiber of my being I would LOVE nothing more than to get my books traditionally published with a big house. With that being said, when I was writing the first book I was confident that all I would need to do was just send the book to a few agents and wait for them to all fall in love with it. This would lead to a massive bidding war where I would have my pick of the litter. All of the others would be so distraught that they missed out on their one opportunity to represent my masterpiece! (A little too confident? maybe but I truly feel the book is that good!)

BUT… It’s not quite that easy:( Not that I haven’t had any luck with agents because actually I have.

I have had many agents request my manuscript. Not only have they read it but they also liked it; and some have even said they loved it.

“Big Dog’s”

I am talking about BIG dog agents ya’ll! Do you know how rare that is? I have been extremely blessed in getting interest and for that I am very grateful!


… It is a waiting game. My manuscript is still out with several agents and I am waiting for their response. It is painfully slow waiting to hear. I am staying hopeful as I continue writing my second novel. Sometimes the more books you have the easier to land an agent. Good philosophy right??

At times I feel like it is taking forever and other times I am reminded that this is how this industry works. I am at the mercy of the agent and it is a waiting game like nothing I have ever experienced before. But guess what??? I actually LOVE the excitement that comes with it.

Every time I get a request to read my manuscript, I get butterflies in my tummy. How very cool is it that people in the “REAL DEAL publishing industry” in New York City are reading a book that I wrote?!?! VERY COOL! Very surreal!

I still would LOVE reviews from anyone who has read Headaches of the Heart on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. Those reviews are very helpful! Thank you to all of you who have supported me in that way:)

I already have a few friends who have introduced my book to their book clubs and that has been a HUGE help! If you’re in a book club, reading my book, please remember to review the book when your group is done!!!……


3 thoughts on “Real Deal Stuff!!

  1. You are eager, persistent, patient, and God is in control of your journey 🙂 with all that, HOW can it not work in your best interest, and in His will?!
    Always, my very best for you!


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