ABC and 123’s

School is back in session!

Having the kids back in school has been bittersweet! As much as we all love our school and wanted to see all of our friends, it was a little sad to see our summer end:/

The good news…

The good news is I am back to writing my 2nd novel tentatively called “I Get it Now”. I say “tentatively” because as some of you may know my first book, “Headaches of the Heart”, was first titled… “Live Like You Are Dying”. It’s actually funny to think about how many ideas and things can change when writing a book. Once I completed “Headaches of the Heart”, I knew it needed a new name (to be honest I still think the title-change shows how clever I can be)!

My favorite, favorite part of the first novel… (said no author ever)

was when I got a whole chapter written and realized I had already written the same thing except with different ideas (repetition at its best)and of course it had to be re-done! This week history repeated itself and I had to go back and correct a job position. I had already introduced the boyfriend, Josh, working for Merrill Lynch and then in the next chapter he was a financial planner with Edward Jones! OOPS!!! You will have to wait to see which one I went with…

I LOVE seeing the new novel coming together so good. I absolutely am loving writing it so far and I can’t wait to share it with you all very soon!

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Happy writing I go…


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